Lorena Alarcon

Peterborough, Ontario

How long have you been with YVF?
6 years

What is your role with YVF?
Operations Manager

What do you enjoy most about being part of the YVF team?
Our team is formed by the most genuine and kind people I have ever worked with. All team members have such a great attitude towards one another and always give their very best to work to a common goal of providing excellent products and great customer service.

I am fortunate that I am able to work remotely from my home office, which allows me to spend time with my young daughter. Having the support for this flexible work structure allows me to be a better member of the YVF team.

What is most important to you about working with a company that supports organic agriculture?
To know that I am in a small way involved in the process of providing organic products for many families (including mine) is very important to me and it makes me feel very proud. Being part of the organic agriculture community has allowed me to learn more about organic poultry and has made me even stronger in believing that we have to go back to healthy food! To be able to work with a company that supports organic agriculture with such high standards of integrity and transparency makes me feel very honoured. I am so thankful to do a job that I not only enjoy but I can also feel good about.

Do you have any advice for women interested in working in agriculture?
I feel that if a person is working in agriculture, it is because they enjoy working with the land and growing products that will be on many families’ tables. My advice would be to keep up the good work and to not give up. They make it possible for all of us to get products that we can feel good about!

What is your favourite chicken dish?
Roasted Chicken

What is your favourite way to enjoy eggs?
Scrambled in a tomato sauce with chopped ham

Our commitment to organic

When our founding farmers started farming in Ontario many years ago, they chose to grow organically because they knew it would provide the best products for their families and friends.

Our Commitment to Organic

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