2024 Yorkshire Valley Farms Canadian Eco Scholar Award - Yorkshire Valley Farms

2024 Yorkshire Valley Farms Canadian Eco-Scholar Award

Congratulations to the 2024 Eco-Scholars!

Yorkshire Valley Farms and the Guelph Organic Conference are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Canadian Eco-Scholar Award. Thank you to all the applicants – your passion and ideas offer powerful inspiration and we are excited by the positive impact you are working to have on your communities.

This year’s winners embody the values of the organic regenerative community and we believe their ideas will help to actively shape the future of organic regenerative agriculture.


2024 Eco-Scholar Winners
Queen's University
Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Adler University
Counselling Psychology, Masters
University of Guelph
Environmental Science, Master's of Science (MSc.), Thesis-based
University of Manitoba
Department of Environment and Geography
Fleetwood Park Secondary School
Civil Engineering (future program)
University of Saskatchewan
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - Horticulture Science degree
University of Guelph
Biomedical Engineering
Hugh McRoberts Secondary School

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