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We’re on a mission to better our communities, our planet, and the delicious food we all love.

Offering organic chicken, turkey, and eggs.

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An organic regenerative revolution in the making

On our network of family-run farms, chickens, turkeys, and egg-laying hens are raised to the highest organic standards. It’s how we’ve been doing things since the beginning, and how we intend to keep doing it for generations to come. We’re optimistic about the positive impact we can continue to have on our communities and the planet moving forward. We hope you will taste the difference that organic makes!

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Our organic commitment

Confidence in making healthy food choices starts with knowing where and how the story begins. Our organic journey starts on the farm. So, who better to show you the ropes than the Ahrens family – one of our founding farmers who started their organic practices over 30 years ago.

We’re on a mission to leave the world better than we found it.

To us, that means dishing up superior tasting food for our loved ones while impacting the planet positively for generations to come.

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