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Our recipe for good has been the same since day one

We’re on a mission to leave the world better than we found it. To us, that means dishing up superior tasting food for our loved ones while impacting the planet positively for generations to come.

Our guiding principles



We recognize the considerable contributions of our farmers, employees, partners, and members of the communities in which we operate, which is why we strive to ensure everyone involved in our business is compensated fairly.



We want to bring more organic products to more people, so we continuously look for ways to maintain our high-quality standards while delivering good value.



We believe all relationships should be built on trust, so we practice respectful treatment of people, animals, and the environment.



We consider the impact of our actions and work to build programs that will have a positive contribution both now and for future generations.



We operate with integrity because that is the way we think a business should be run. Our commitment to transparency means we live up to our promises and do not knowingly mislead or deceive.

We believe everyone
thrives on good food

That’s why we continuously work to build a stable, fair and thriving food system. Organic regenerative agriculture practices can displace synthetic chemicals, promote natural ecosystems, and build resilient communities.

Promoting natural ecosystems

Supporting 14,000 acres of organic farmland

Across our value chain, Yorkshire Valley Farms supports almost 14,000 acres of land being stewarded under organic practices, leading to healthier, more nutrient-rich soil and ultimately healthier, more resilient plants that produce the food we eat.

Displacing tremendous amounts of glyphosate and synthetic nitrogen

We estimate we have been able to displace tens of thousands of litres of glyphosate and millions of kgs of synthetic nitrogen – all of which can negatively impact soil, waterways, and wildlife.

We encourage more farms to become certified organic

Our goal by 2025 is to draw from over 30,000 acres of land under organic management across the value chain.

Organic systems use less energy and emit fewer carbon emissions than conventional systems

A study conducted by the Rodale Institute that monitored data over a 40-year period comparing conventional and organic agriculture in a side-by-side Farming System Trial (FST) found that organic systems used 45% less energy than the conventional systems and released 40% fewer carbon emissions.

Building resilient communities

Our group of farming partners has grown from 2 farmers to over 35 multi-generational family-run, organic farms in Canada

All because our programs are purposefully built to ensure all stakeholders are treated fairly and can thrive.

Organic agriculture helps drop poverty rates and increase median income

Research conducted at Penn State by agricultural economist Dr. Edward Jaenicke shows that organic agriculture supports the economy of the communities within which it operates. His study found that US counties within organic hotspots1 have lower poverty rates and higher median annual household incomes. On average, county poverty rates drop by 1.3 percentage points, and median income rises by over $2,000 in counties in organic hotspots. The same beneficial results are not found for general agricultural hotspots.

We contribute $10,000 annually to support students working to progress the organic regenerative movement

Through the Yorkshire Valley Farms Canadian Eco-Scholar Award, we are supporting the next generation of organic regenerative leaders.

Furthering a Fair & Stable Food System

Our animal welfare standards consistently exceed industry guidelines

In 2020, we completed over 80 third-party audits, some of which included reviews of our animal welfare practices across over 50 metrics. Our animal welfare C.A.R.E program combines principles from the Chicken Farmers of Canada, Poultry Code of Practice, Canadian Organic Standards, and our own best practices to create a high standard of care that consistently exceeds industry guidelines.

A leader in Canada to implement enhanced welfare practices

In 2017, our processing facility was a leader in Canada to implement Slow Induction Anesthesia (SIA). Many animal rights advocates, like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Temple Grandin, consider SIA the preferred way to reduce the animal welfare, economic, and worker-safety issues associated with other stunning systems.

100% of products are raised and produced in Canada

We’re proud to be a Canadian company and to work with Canadian partners to bring all of our high-quality organic products to market. We believe that local partnerships and sourcing lead to stronger, more resilient communities and, ultimately, a more fair and stable food system.

Offering Organic to More People

We’re bringing more organic food to more people

We’ve had a history of many “firsts” in Canada. From the first organic chicken nuggets in the country to organic chicken and turkey meatballs, sliced chicken and turkey deli meat, and organic turkey wieners. Our products are now available in every province, and on shelf at over 800 partner retail locations.

Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence in 2013 Recognized by the Canadian Organic Trade Association as Organic Innovator of the Year in 2017 Grand Prix New Product Award in 2018 for Yorkshire Valley Farms Organic Sliced Deli

Innovation is important to us, and we’re proud to have been recognized by our peers for our efforts. In 2013, Yorkshire Valley Farms was awarded a Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence, which recognizes innovations that improve existing products, create jobs, and drive economic growth. In 2017, we were recognized by the Canadian Organic Trade Association as Organic Innovator of the Year. And in 2018, our organic sliced deli won the Grand Prix New Product Award.

We’re long-standing members of the Canadian Organic Trade Association, the Organic Council of Ontario, and of Regeneration Canada

We believe we can play an important role in helping further organic regenerative agriculture in Canada and are active members of the Canadian Organic Trade Association (COTA),
the Organic Council of Ontario (OCO), and Regeneration Canada.

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Meet some of the organic farmers working to bring you the Yorkshire Valley Farms products that you love.

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A visit to some of our organic egg Farms
A visit to the Ahrens Family Farm, one of our founding organic chicken farms