The Joye Family

Wallace Township, Perth County

What do you grow/raise on your farm?
We raise certified organic chicken for Yorkshire Valley Farms. All of our land is certified organic. We grow soybeans for human consumption, Corn for our own chickens, hay for some organic beef cows and for local organic dairy producers. We also grow a variety of grains, including: Oats/Peas/Barley for local organic dairy or pork producers and winter wheat for our chickens. We try to have a balance of crop rotations to improve and build up the soil health of our farm.

How long have you been farming organically?
We have been farming organically at our location for 11 years.

What is most important to you about farming organically?
We have chosen to farm organically because we have some family who have been farming organically for over 25 years. Organic farming requires us to farm more with nature instead of against it. It is a challenging way to farm but also more rewarding.

Do you have any advice for folks who are considering getting into organic farming?
I would recommend that you find a local mentor who farms organically. Visit them throughout the growing season and see first hand what needs to be do done to be successful. I would also recommend to start small( do not do all your farm at once), so that it is not overwhelming and more manageable. An often used piece of advice when weeding an organic crop is: "Drive and don't look back", implying that it may look like you are damaging the crop, but you are removing the weeds instead and that the crop will bounce back.

What is your favourite chicken dish?
My favourite chicken dish is a whole chicken roasted on a BBQ.

What is your favourite way to enjoy eggs?
I like my eggs simple for breakfast; over easy.

Our commitment to organic

When our founding farmers started farming in Ontario many years ago, they chose to grow organically because they knew it would provide the best products for their families and friends.

Our Commitment to Organic

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