The Simpson Family

Holstein, Ontario

How long have you been farming organically?
We have been dairy farmers and chicken farmers for 33 years. We started with chickens as soon as we got married and we worked our way into dairy. We gave up milking in 2014 but still raise organic dairy heifers and instead of milking cows we have started a beef herd of Galloway cows that will lead to grass fed beef. The chickens are still going strong. We have always pretty much farmed organically, but we officially became certified in 2007.

What is most important to you about farming organically?
Organics is about taking care of nature - your land, your animals, your family, and the people who eat your food in a responsible manner. It is looking to nurture all of this and looking to the future. Using nature and natural means leads to healthy soil, good crops, healthy animals, and healthy people.

Do you have any advice for folks who are considering getting into organic farming?
If you are sincere about organics and not using chemicals you will probably do well. You will do the research and find alternative means of working the soil and treating your animals. You will get excited to find new ways of doing things. Part of organics is sharing what you learn with others. This desire to do better will get you through the extra paperwork that is required!

What is your favourite chicken dish?
I used to put chicken in preserving jars and cook it in canners. It would stay good a long time once canned. The beauty of this was when we all got done our fieldwork in the summer and were heading to the house thinking about what we could get for supper in 15 minutes or less, I would head for my canned chicken. I would put the cooked chicken in a large pot, add a can of cream of chicken soup, a can of cream of mushroom soup, egg noodles, and frozen peas and heat up until hot and the noodles are cooked and you have what our family called chicken a-la-king. A complete meal in 15 minutes or less and yummy too.

What is your favourite way to enjoy eggs?
My husband and I can't make it until lunch time if we don't have our fried eggs in the morning for breakfast. My husband eats four eggs for breakfast every morning and I have one. We love angel food cake and deviled eggs. We use up at least five dozen eggs a week for just the two of us!

Our commitment to organic

When our founding farmers started farming in Ontario many years ago, they chose to grow organically because they knew it would provide the best products for their families and friends.

Our Commitment to Organic

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