Covid-19 Info - Yorkshire Valley Farms

Working together to navigate COVID-19

Covid has proven challenging to all of us in ways we could not have predicted. Like many of you, we feel the strain on our team, on our partners, and our communities as we all try to balance the demands of work, family, and maintaining our physical and mental health.

And while 2020 was not an easy year, and 2021 still has many uncertainties that lay ahead, there are some things of which we are certain. We know that we must ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, farmers, and suppliers, in order to bring you the products you love.  We remain committed to providing the safest working conditions across all areas of our business, while striving to maintain a steady supply of organic poultry products for you and your family.

We continue to closely follow the guidance of the Public Health Agency of Canada and our local government to inform our policies. In addition to the rigorous quality and sanitization protocols that are part of our standard practices, to mitigate Covid-19 risks we have implemented augmented operations with additional safety measures in place, including:

  • Our facilities reinforce hygiene and sanitation as key actions. We have enhanced sanitation in our processing facilities, office areas, and common spaces to ensure they are regularly disinfected.
  • Employees who experience symptoms are required to stay at home, or immediately leave work if they experience symptoms.
  • Self-isolation and quarantine policies have been established to support any employee that needs to stay home.
  • Access to our facilities has been restricted to essential visitors who pass screening protocols.
  • In-person meetings have been eliminated, unless absolutely required. All business travel has been cancelled.
  • Employees who are able to work from home are required to do so. For those working onsite, we have created work-spaces that maximize social distance, including the installation of barriers in key common areas.
  • Employee break times are being staggered to allow for sanitation between breaks.
  • Personal Protective Equipment is actively being used by employees.
  • A fabric mask program provided masks for employees and their families to encourage safe behaviour both inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Technology has been implemented to help screen body temperatures and monitor employee health in our facilities.

Through all the challenges that Covid has presented us with, the resiliency within our staff team, our farmers, our delivery crew, and our retail partners has kept us motivated on a daily basis. We recognize that their dedication has been essential to our ability to navigate these unpredictable times. We offer our most sincere appreciation to them – and to you – for the continued support. Thank you for keeping us positive, encouraged, and inspired. We’re all in this together.

— The Yorkshire Valley Farms Team

Last updated: April 2021