According to The Food Network, chicken is the most searched ingredient on their website. Given how versatile chicken is, it’s no wonder that we are always looking for new tasty recipe ideas. There are just so many wonderful ways to prepare a delicious, healthy meal with chicken as the star ingredient. In our Recipes section, we share with you a collection of our favourite recipes from some of Canada’s most talented chefs. You can also check out the recipes on our blog, which are developed by the YVF team.

We’re always interested in hearing about your favourite way to prepare Yorkshire Valley Farms organic chicken. Send us an email with your recipes and photos through our Contact Us page.

Created by Chef Rodney Bowers

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Created by Chef Christine Tizzard
Kids love chicken fingers so double this recipe and batch freeze (after breading) for another family meal. Nutritional Large Flake Yeast is a great substitute for parmesan cheese. It’s a complete protein that is also sugar free and high in complex B vitamins.

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Created by Christian Pritchard
One of my all time faves for summer! Crunch, heat and unbelievable flavour!

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From RICARDO: Slow Cooker Favourites
I can’t even remember the number of different turkey breast recipes I have cooked in my life. I never get tired of turkey breast. I love the simplicity: no waste, no boning, and sliced turkey breast is wonderful. A no-fuss alternative for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

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Everyone Can Cook Everything
Herbes de Provence is a French-style combination of herbs. Spread over the turkey before roasting, it gives the finished bird a wonderful flavor, aroma and appearance.

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Our commitment to organic

When our founding farmers started farming in Ontario many years ago, they chose to grow organically because they knew it would provide the best products for their families and friends.

Our Commitment to Organic

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